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Archive for February, 2012

Cloud Scar Tissue: Real World Implementation Lessons from the Early Adopters!

On Wed Feb 15th 2012, Robert Half Technology and HDI NYC co-hosted a session on the topic of Cloud solution implementation experiences. The following description provides a summary of the event prior to the session start.

Topic Summary
For many enterprises, adopting cloud computing and agile IT operating models is fraught with challenge and risk. Once you convince the organization of the agility and economic benefits, you still have to overcome a broad range of security, operational, and governance hurdles for a successful implementation. Take heart! You aren’t the first to embark on this journey; others have gone before you and have helped map the territory.

In this session, you’ll hear the real-world implementation experiences of some enterprise cloud pioneers. You’ll learn what they worried about before implementation, and what they learned to worry about post-implementation. You’ll learn which aspects of the IT transformation were relatively easy, and others which were brutally hard.  While the journey is still ongoing, you’ll also hear about the business results they were able to achieve.

Presented by

The presenters have worked with an array of financial clients helping them reap the benefits of the flexible, cost effective major change in provisioning IT services through the adoption of cloud solutions. Cloud Computing is a paradigm shift in terms of how computing services are provisioned. How this is leveraged could well be the differentiating factor in business success, indeed its very survival. In today’s dynamic markets agility is paramount. A flexible, scalable, pay-as-you-go Information Technology model, provisioned through competitive cloud based vendors will afford a business the elasticity it needs to succeed.

Enterprise Cloud Platform software provides standardized infrastructure and platform as a service tools used to compress the SDLC process by spinning up and provisioning Virtual Machines and Topologies in complex private, public and hybrid cloud environments producing reduced time to market for new applications while managing existing workloads across multiple arbitraged cloud environments. Customers include Fortune 50 and Select Federal Government Agencies.

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