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Leading Morale | September 28, 2017

Location: WeWork
Address: 315 w 36th Street, New York, NY 10018
Date: Thursday September 28th, 2017
Time: 8:30 AM – 10:30 AM

Eventbrite - LEADING MORALE - HDI -2017

After a summer of relaxation, we refocus our attention on customer service leadership. Join us on Thursday September 28, 2017 for NYC HDI meeting featuring a favorite speaker, Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™. Kate will light up our meeting for upcoming National Customer Service week with a session on Leading Morale — a key component to sustained customer service excellence! Leading morale goes far beyond fun morale building activities and events. Leading morale is all about how we leaders behave and interact with the teams. Come and participate in this session as Kate introduces many tangible steps on leading morale that will transform and sustain customer service excellence.
About Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™ :

KateNasserKate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™, has synthesized 28 years of consulting and training tens of thousands of customer service leaders and teams into practical insights. Prior to founding her company CAS, Inc., she was an IT professional moving from programming and systems analysis into technical support and help desks at American Home Products and Johnson & Johnson. She combines all that experience, a Masters Degree in Organizational Psychology, tremendous speaking skills, and unparalleled intuition about people for your success in customer service leadership.
Her new book, Leading Morale, will be your daily companion to handle many of the tough moments of leadership and employee engagement. For more info, read customer testimonials, customer list, and loads of workshop info at



Caring Leaders Exhibit 5 Key Behaviors | May 24th, 2017

Location: Robert Half
Address: 125 Park Ave, New York, NY 10017
Date: Wednesday May 24th, 2017
Time: 8:30 AM – 10:30 AM

Please join us on Wednesday May 24th, 2017 between 8:30 AM – 10:30 AM EST for our monthly meeting. In this session, we’ll be discussing why caring leaders exhibit 5 key behaviors to create winning workplaces..

“Help me retain our best people. My advice to managers is to learn how caring can vastly improve teamwork and business outcomes. If you can do this, it will slow down our company churn rate. With a caring work environment we can achieve great things.” CHRO Judy Madison

This is the HR message to the leaders of your company. Create engaged teams and have them focus on the company mission. Retain your best professionals. How do you do that?

On the back of this post from PeopleProductive viewed by 2,400 leaders and managers worldwide, this message has hit a resounding note. In this presentation Michael Wilson shares 3 critical views and invites you to learn from the perspective of any role that you hold:

  1. What are the precursors to caring connections
  2. How caring creates a tightly woven social system essential for successful team building.
  3. How to be a rock star manager whilst retaining your humanity.


We invite you come to listen in person to why caring leaders exhibit 5 key behaviors to create winning workplaces.


Eventbrite - Caring Leaders Exhibit 5 Key Behaviors


Information about our Speaker Michael Wilson:

michael-wilsonMichael Wilson is currently a Control and Governance Manager for Omnicom Group and has been involved in industries of finance, accounting, banking and manufacturing over the last 25 years. His experience ranges from manufacturing, production engineering, quality control, technology sales, to customer service and support, in various firms such as BDO, Vishay, Bank of Brazil, NCR and National Semiconductor.

Over the last 10 years Michael developed a deep understanding of what truly drives team performance in organizations. His innovations in team management and near zero turnover were cited by Infoweek magazine in an article called “20 Great Ideas To Steal”. He has also coached hundreds of individuals to seek professionalism and meaning in their work and life.


Creating High Performance Teams | November 10th 2016

Location: Razorfish
Address: 375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014
Date: Thursday November 10th, 2016
Time: 8:30 AM – 10:30 AM

According to a recent Harvey Nash Technology Survey, 4 in 10 technologists changed jobs in a calendar year, with two thirds reporting salary as the main reason. The rate of technology change has affected corporate ability to compete for, to retain and grow talent. That competition has become intense and business leaders cite that acquiring talent has become one of their biggest challenges.

The business of creating high performance teams is not intuitive for workers on paths to leadership. It is rarely learnt from a job or role that merely spans 24-36 months, if at all. Leaders, managers, supervisors and executives are in constant rotation throughout companies due to budget targets, changing priorities, corporate shuffling and in response to changes in the economy.

Is it a wonder that companies are challenged to develop a depth of competence in their organizations and people who are completely aligned to the mission of the company?

In this presentation Michael Wilson shares two critical views and invites you to learn from the perspective of any role that you hold:

1. Why you should seek to create high performance teams in your organization and contribute to them.

2. How you can kill attrition, boost productivity and retain your best people.

About Michael Wilson:

Michael Wilson is a former Director of MSCI and has been involved in industries of finance, accounting, banking and manufacturing over the last 25 years. His experience ranges from manufacturing, production engineering, quality control, technology sales, to customer service and support, in various firms such as BDO, Vishay, Bank of Brazil, NCR and National Semiconductor.

Over the last 10 years Michael developed a deep understanding of what truly drives team performance in organizations. His innovations in team management and near zero turnover were cited by Infoweek magazine in an article called “20 Great Ideas To Steal”. He has also coached hundreds of individuals to seek professionalism and meaning in their work and life.

Windows 10 Deployment | Thursday April 28th, 2016

Location: The Microsoft Store
Address: 677 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10022, 3rd Floor
Date: Thursday April 28th, 2016
Time: 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

The New York City HDI Chapter will host a meeting on the topic of “Windows 10 Deployment” on Thursday April 28th, 2016 from 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM. This is a great topic for Help Desk Managers, Supervisors, Desktop Services Managers and technicians or anyone with responsibilities around the image, deployment and support of Windows machines. We’ll discuss deployment methods, licensing, pitfalls to avoid, training and adoption challenges. Our featured speaker is a subject matter expert and technical specialist at the Microsoft Flagship Store.

But wait there’s more………………………………….

The meeting place is at Microsoft, where in addition to the featured topic, you’ll receive a tour and get to play around with the latest technology (Surface Pro 4, Xbox One, etc.)

How about a little wine and cheese to go with that!!

About the Microsoft Store:

The Microsoft store is the destination to learn, experience, and migrate to Windows 10. We will walk you through upgrading to Windows 10 – and we’ll provide training, too.

About Your Speaker:

Murshed Choudhury is currently a Tech Lead at the Microsoft Flagship Store on 5th Avenue. He currently manages technical operations for the store. He started with Microsoft in July 2012 and helped grand open Microsoft’s #26 store – Huntington Station – where he served as a driving factor in customer experience and consumer education. Murshed has been recognized as a top 10 performer in multiple quarters.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Murshed served as Support Technician at Time Warner and Rainbow Media Holdings, where he was responsible for provisioning and supporting devices and services.

HDI NYC Holiday Party | December 9th, 2015

Join us for an evening of good cheer, networking, appetizers, and an open bar at the HDI NYC Chapter holiday celebration.

Local Analyst and Desktop Support Technician of the year will be announced at this event.

HDI NYC 2015 Holiday Party

When: Wednesday December 9, 2015
Time: 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Location: Overlook Lounge
Address: 225 East 44th Street
New York, NY 10017

Event Fee:

Members = Free
Non-Members = $5

Eventbrite - HDI NYC Chapter Holiday Celebration - 2015

Empowered by Emotions | October 8th, 2015

Location: Robert Half
Address: 125 Park Avenue 3rd Floor New York, NY 10017
Date: Thursday October 8th, 2015
Time: 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM

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Join us for wine and cheese on Thursday October 8th, 2015 from 5:30 PM – 8 PM at our monthly meeting. We’ll be discussing strategies to increase employee productivity and performance through Emotion Awareness.

With the recent advancements made in neuroscience, discoveries have been made that shed new light on emotions – their purpose, their value and the extraordinary benefits that can be derived from working with them rather than working against them. But despite the fact that emotions are a part of everyday corporate life – affecting areas such as productivity, decision making, the quality of relationships, employee retention and customer service – few professionals actually have a strong foundation of emotion awareness.

Without question this 45 minute talk is certainly a wide diversion from ITIL, process engineering, service level agreements, and metrics. Plain and simple, this talk is about emotions – the neuroscience behind them, the purpose they serve and the impact they have on the productivity of each and every one of us. Albeit a far stretch from our usual HDI portfolio of topics, this could be the most inspiring and thought-provoking talk you’ve heard in a while.

People, process and technology. We’ve heard this phrase a thousand times (if not more). This talk dives into the people aspect of the formula and reveals opportunities to increase productivity in ways process and technology never will.

Participants will receive a process workflow depicting the multi-step process for understanding emotions and participants are sure to leave with a newfound understanding for the power of working with your emotions rather than working against them.

Information about our Speaker Lisa Welsher:

With close to 30 years of experience working in the corporate world Lisa Welsher has come to understand continuous process improvements are one thing. Technology automation is another. But a team of people who know how to work with their emotions rather than working against them – well that’s an absolute game changer.

Lisa is a management consultant who has a successful track record of presenting information in meaningful and entertaining ways – even when the topic is about emotions!

HDI 2015 – A Digital Experience | May 19th, 2015

Location: Virtual
Time: 12:00 PM EST

For the fourth consecutive year, HDI will host the most immersive and educational virtual event in the technical service and support industry: HDI 2015 – A Digital Experience. Wherever you are in the world, you can enjoy the best keynotes, sessions, and learning opportunities from the live event, and participate in interactive discussions and other networking opportunities—all from the comfort of the great indoors!

This event is completely free—there is no cost to register or attend! Take in as many sessions as your schedule allows, then come back to view them on demand through June 15, 2015.

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How Discovery tools can enhance your organizations’ CMDB | April 30th, 2015

Location: Column Technologies
Address: 88 Pine Street 5th Floor, New York, NY 10005
Time: 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM

Please join us on Thursday April 30th, 2015 between 5:30 PM – 7 PM EST for our monthly meeting, sponsored by Column Technologies. In this session, we’ll be discussing discovery tools to enhance your organizations’ CMDB.

While the need for a Discovery Tool to feed the CMDB is not mandatory, it can greatly enhance the CMDB data quality, which in turn can drive CMDB adoption within the organization. Column Technologies will present the benefits gained from integrating Discovery tools with the CMDB- and why they are crucial for ITIL Processes and Business Service Management.

Some of the key benefits we’ll cover at this meeting include:

  • Faster MTTR
  • Better Change Risk Management
  • Improved Data Quality
  • Use Case
  • Q & A with our Speaker

Information about your Speaker:

Anthony (Tony) Barghout is a Senior Service Automation Consultant for Column Technologies. His domain expertise falls in the areas of Client-Server Automation, IT Discovery, and Application Modeling. Tony has been employed by Column Technologies since 2006, providing services in the design, delivery, and management areas for many Government and Fortune 2000 organizations. Past clients include NYC (DOITT), Bed Bath & Beyond, and US Cellular. Tony has over ten years’ experience with the BMC product line and brings a wealth of best practices, technical knowledge, and customer experience to each and every engagement.

Information about our Event Sponsor:

Established in 1998, Column Technologies is a global management consulting services and technology solution provider specializing in business service and process management solutions for commercial and federal markets. Headquartered in the United States, Column Technologies employs a diverse and talented team with more than 350 employees around the world, and offices in Canada, India and the United kingdom.

Empower Users with a Modern Customer Experience | November 12th, 2014

Location: Online Virtual Meeting
Time: 1 PM – 2 PM

Please join us virtually on Wednesday November 12th, 2014 between 1 PM – 2 PM EST for our monthly meeting, sponsored by EasyVista. In this session, we’ll present strategies to “empower users with a modern customer experience“.

The “impersonal” world of self-service has taken over and is now the preferred method of interaction. During this presentation you’ll learn how to manage the ever-changing communication needs of end-users and the need for a meaningful and agile customer-centric self-service environment:

  • Provide faster, more efficient service with cross touch-point service management
  • Empower end-users to help themselves
  • Reduce call volume with comprehensive Level Zero (self-service) support
  • Improve customer interaction and satisfaction
  • Design a customer engaging, yet business-aligned service request catalog

Note: Users registering via mobile devices may see an incorrect time. The event is being held at 1 PM EST.

Information about our speaker:

Elisabeth-Cullivan-THomas_SmallElisabeth Cullivan is a results driven professional with extensive experience in Product Marketing and Product Management. She has worked with leading IT Service Management organizations, with her most current role leading EasyVista’s Product Marketing efforts. Elisabeth holds a Masters Degree in Information Management from Syracuse University and a Bachelors Degree in Industrial Relations from LeMoyne College.

Information about our sponsor:

EasyVista, founded in 1988, is a leading global provider of IT Service and Asset Management solutions for the mid to large-sized enterprises. EasyVista helps organizations, around the world, to make the transition from traditional IT management to ‘New IT’, designed for today to manage the future of IT tomorrow.

Data, Knowledge, and the HDI Support Center Standard | October 15th, 2014

Address: 1900 Broadway, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10023
Time: 5 PM – 7 PM

Join us on Wednesday October 15th, 2014 from 5 PM – 7 PM for our monthly meeting and networking, sponsored by Cherwell Software and Svetlo Consulting. We’ll discuss “Data, Knowledge, and the HDI Support Center Standard”.

At this meeting we’ll explore:

• Data and how it supports quality service provision at the Service Desk/Support Center
• The power of knowledge at your fingertips
• HDI Support Center Standard

  • Alignment
  • Assessment
  • Certification

• The significance of a robust service management tool

Engage our speaker in a special Q & A session.

Information about our Speaker:

Steven R. Matthews, DPSM® is an experienced and seasoned consultant, mentor, and accredited trainer with 30 years of Information Technology experience in various industries such as Insurance, Health Care, Airline Sales Reporting, Transaction Processing and Merchant Services, Public Utilities, and Transportation Services. His experience also includes both Municipal and Federal levels of government. His IT path has taken him through multiple IT areas including IT Management, Applications Development and Support, Service Desk, Technical Support, Operations, and Systems Administration.

Information about our Sponsors:

Cherwell Software builds Cherwell Service Management® (CSM)—the award-winning IT Service Management software recognized by Gartner® and Forrester®. Founded by ITSM industry leaders, Cherwell Software is an ITSM software provider with corporate headquarters in Colorado Springs, CO, U.S.A; EMEA headquarters in Royal Wootton Bassett, U.K.; and a global partner network.

Svetlo Consulting Inc. combines the power of many industry and business experts in the areas of IT Management and Business Service Management. Svetlo utilizes the current approaches and methodologies, best practices and standards such as ITIL, CMMi, Lean Sigma, ISO 20K, TQM, Business Intelligence, and combined with real “life” experience, offers great and tangible value to your business.

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